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Mayumi Sawatari 

Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
He is so cute!! 
I'm sure he has been giving you two full of joys.  It is amazing, isn't it?  I am so happy for you!
It's my first visit to GageLand.  I will come by again
Mayumi - the interpreter

Libby Arnold 

Your beautiful gift from God has arrived.  It is so neat to see the new family that you have become. 
May God richly bless all of your family in a great and wondrous way.
Much love and many prayers,
Prov. 17:17a

Jann Wild (Crystal's mom) 

Congratulations?  Caleb is beautiful.  Glad to hear that everyone is healthy. 

Glad to see that your Japan venture worked out well and you are now home safe. 

Also, congratulations on your new home.....Hope you enjoy many years of happiness there.

Jann Wild

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Kelly B 


Awwww, Eliana is beautiful!  What a blessing to have babies so close together so they can be close and have a playmate.  Hang in there, Ashley.  Your day is coming soon to meet your beautiful son!

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